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Welcome to GBF

Gorrie Bible Fellowship is a congregation of people who love and worship God, seek to grow in following Jesus, and desire to make Him known within our community and around the world. We are a diverse congregation made up of all age groups, with people from a variety of backgrounds. We are non-denominational, evangelical, and recognize the Bible to be the only true source of knowledge regarding God and His plan for the ages.

Our Sunday services include a blend of traditional and contemporary music as well as solid teaching from the Bible for both adults and children. We endeavour to create a family atmosphere where we worship together and learn to joyfully follow Jesus!

We hope you will join with us!

Latest Sermons

My Shepherd Satisfies Me - Ps. 23:1-3a
My Shepherd Satisfies Me - Ps. 23:1-3a
Speaker: Jonathan Ferrier
Date: 7/7/2024

Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known
Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known
Speaker: Jonathan Ferrier
Date: 6/30/2024

Parables of Growth  Matthew 13:31-35
Parables of Growth Matthew 13:31-35
Speaker: Jonathan Ferrier
Date: 6/16/2024

Wheat and Tares - Matt. 13:24-43
Wheat and Tares - Matt. 13:24-43
Speaker: Henry de Roos
Date: 6/9/2024

Parable of the Sower  Matt 13:1-23
Parable of the Sower Matt 13:1-23
Speaker: Jonathan Ferrier
Date: 6/2/2024

About Us


Gorrie Bible Fellowship has been a steadily growing community of evangelical Christian believers
since its founding in 1985 as an open-brethren church launched by Wingham Bible Chapel. The new
group originally met together in the Community Hall in Gorrie, Ontario for several years until 1991
when a building was erected at the church’s current location.

The Gorrie Bible Fellowship congregation originally followed the brethren pattern each Sunday
morning, having both a Remembrance meeting (during which the Lord’s Supper was celebrated)
followed immediately by a family Bible hour (with instrumental music, sermon, Sunday School, etc.).
We later transitioned to a single Sunday morning service more familiar to persons outside brethren
circles, incorporating the Remembrance activity (“Communion”) into an extended family Bible hour

The GBF congregation has continued to increase and thrive over the years. Sensing the need for a
new evangelical work in the neighboring community of Brussels, a group from GBF was
commissioned to start Brussels Community Bible Chapel in 2007. Then again in more recent years,
the Lord led GBF to start another new congregation, this time in the neighboring township of Brocton
in 2019. The new group assumed the name of Brockton Community Church.
We praise God for how He has continued to lead, provide, encourage and challenge Gorrie Bible
Fellowship for His glory. We pray He will continue to shine through us within both the local community
and around the world.

Our Cornerstones

Our four cornerstones are the foundation of our church. They describe the kind of church and the kind of people we are striving to be. They are:

  • Loving & Worshipping God
  • Passionately Following Jesus
  • Learning and Living the Bible
  • Making Disciples through Love

Our Stepping Stones

Our three stepping stones are the roadmap of our church. They describe three areas of progress that we want to encourage within our church family. They are

  • Stepping Up: Walking With God
  • Stepping In: Participating in Church Life
  • Stepping Out: Reaching Our Community

Our Worship Gatherings

Morning Worship Gathering 

10:00AM - Morning Worship Gathering

Our Morning Worship Gathering begins with a time of worship that includes a blend of old and new Christian songs. We often have a special feature that highlights someone or something within the church family. Often, this Worship Gathering is a time to share Communion together. Afterward, Sunday School is provided for children up to the sixth grade. For the adults, there is practical instruction from the Bible intended to enlarge our understanding of God and move us to fulfill His purposes in the world.

6:30PM - Evening Worship Gathering 

Our Sunday evening service takes on many forms including teaching seminars, times of worship, Communion, outdoor service, prayer, missionary reports, etc. This service is an informal time where the highlight is being together as a church family.


Sunday School

After participating in congregational worship during the first half of our Sunday Morning Worship Gathering, children ages 3-11 are dismissed for Sunday School in the church basement. Each class is led and taught by two teachers who have passed an official police background check. Our children’s ministries are governed by our ‘Plan to Protect’ child abuse policy and our volunteers are members of our church family who are trustworthy and in good standing. In Sunday School children are taught stories and principles from the Bible in fun and interactive ways.


During our Sunday morning worship gatherings, our nursery is for infants and toddlers up to 24 months. Our nursery is well stocked with books and toys for babies and toddlers. At least three volunteers are present and have passed official police background checks. Our nursery is governed by our ‘Plan to Protect’ child abuse policy and our volunteers are members of our church family who are trustworthy and in good standing.