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Ladies Bible Study


Ladies Bible Study is a ministry at GBF for women 18 years and older. We meet on a weeknight from 7-9pm primarily in the spring and fall. a broad range of topics and biblical truths are studied and explored. Our time together includes, prayer, discussion of the week's homework, food and fellowship. 

This fall, we will be engaging on a six week study of the book "Flourish" by Lydia Brownback. It is a book to "biblically equip us to distinguish between self love and Christ love" both in our hearts and in the materials/teaching we consume. This study is offered on Monday afternoons at an offsite location from 1-3pm or on Thursday evenings at GBF from 7-9pm from Ocotber 23rd/26th until November 27th/30th.


As women we wear many hats and have walked many different paths. We all bring different experiences and seasons of life to the study tables. No matter the story a woman has, she is welcomed with open arms and she will hear the gospel and learn how she fits into God's redemption plan. The goal is always that any woman coming through the doors will walk back out having felt and heard what love is, what redeeming power can do and that hope is ours through Christ. 


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