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Scent is a youth ministry of GBF for High School aged teens. It takes place every Friday night from 7pm-10:30pm. Our night includes small group bible study, worship, bible teaching, games, food, and hanging out afterwards.   

Every teen that comes to Scent Youth is in a different place with their relationship with God. Some were not raised in Christian homes and know little of Jesus and what he has done. Others have been raised in homes where the word of God is taught continually. Whether a teen was saved at a young age, or has never heard the gospel before, our goal is to push the youth into a deeper relationship with Christ. For some, this may mean that they come to an understanding of who Jesus is for the first time. For others this could mean that we are seeking to equip them to be the future leaders of the church. Wherever a teen may land on this spectrum, it is our hope and our goal that during their time at Scent they move forward on this spectrum, into a deeper relationship with Christ.

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